Pipo Daniel Fernandez

Daniel de Jesús Salas Fernández, better known as “Pipo”, is the lead singer and trumpet man of the band. He was born September 30th, of 1985 in Havana, Cuba.

Pipo was raised in the city of Puerto Cabello, Venezuela and went to the school U.E.N. Puerto Cabello. His first contact with music was at the age of three, when his grandmother used to sing him songs before going to sleep. He composed his first song inspired in a friend and a guitar. Pipo named it Una casa en un árbol (A house in a tree).

He also plays the guitar, bass, and drums. His favorite place in the world is The Angel Falls located in the southern part of Venezuela. The place he would mostly like to visit is Africa. His favorite sport is surfing.

His dream is: “To be happy, not there yet… but I am very close!”